Wellness Recovery Action Plan(WRAP)

In 2011 my WRAP saved my life & I still use it every day!

Nick, Co-Founder of Missing Peace

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP®, is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to get well, stay well and make their life the way they want it to be. It was developed in 1997 by a group of people who were searching for ways to overcome their own mental health issues and move on to fulfilling their life dreams and goals.  It is now used extensively by people in all kinds of circumstances, and by health care and mental health systems all over the world to address all kinds of physical, mental health and life issues.

WRAP has been studied extensively in rigorous research projects and is listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

WRAP will help you.

  • Discover your own simple, safe wellness tools
  • Develop a list of things to do every day to stay as well as possible
  • Identify upsetting events, early warning signs and signs that things have gotten much worse and, using wellness tools, develop action plans for responding at these times
  • Create a crisis plan
  • Create a post-crisis plan

WRAP is for anyone, any time. It will support you in being the way you want to be and doing the things you want to do.

When the group developed WRAP, I was so impressed that I went home and wrote one for myself.  As I began to live WRAP, my life changed dramatically.  Over time I felt better and better and better.  WRAP is a way of life for me—a great life.

Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, author of the original Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

Info taken from https://mentalhealthrecovery.com/wrap-is/

I completed my own WRAP in 2011 after being in a psychiatric hospital. Although I found the concept of WRAP simple to understand, it was difficult to retrain myself in believing I was important, and I deserved to be happy. I had an instructions booklet for how I am as a happy & content Human Being! Nick

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