1 to 1 Sessions

It can be scary starting a new group activity. This is why we try and offer 1 to 1 sessions for all our services.

It’s helpful for people with severe anxiety or who have a particular phobia? Even if you would like to meet us first and maybe learn what we do and who we are?

I remember being terrified of attending my first group! Who will be there? What will they think of me? Am I dressed ok? Will I be able to speak & contribute? Groups are great for meeting new people & building confidence but having the option of a 1to1 can be reassuring.

Nick, Co-founder of Missing Peace

We would also see people who find it difficult to share in front of other people or who find what they want to talk about too personal.

Sessions can be face to face or online.

Face to face sessions will be held at a venue comfortable you and the facilitator. Our office, a café or even your own home. We will try to accommodate the best time for you.

Online sessions are available, and the times are more flexible i.e., evenings.

For online access info please see our Online Section.

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