Helen Jordan

I was introduced to Nick by his then girlfriend Emma whom I met on a training course, before Missing Peace had emerged into the light of day.  I attended Nick’s groups and found that his expert guidance of the peer support environment gave  me a great boost along my journey to recovery – or as Nick prefers to say, discovery.  I started to help out with teas and coffees, then under-studying the facilitator role.  As I grew in confidence and started to shake off the worst of my depressions and anxiety, I became a fully fledged volunteer with the newly formed Missing Peace.  I credit attending the peer support groups with getting the worst of my mental health challenges under control, to the extent that I have become part of the ‘fixtures and fittings’ of Missing Peace and was invited to become a Director, when the organisation was going through the process of becoming a Community Interest Company.

I have attended a small number of Emma’s Reiki sessions, which I have found really beneficial and I am hoping to undertake training with her later in the year.

I feel honoured to be working with Nick and Emma, who are the most dedicated individuals I have ever met.  They are really helping to deal with the massive mental health issues experienced by people in the Keighley area.

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